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When people keep secrets, things can go wrong, but when it's family you'll do anything to make it right.

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About The TwelfthCoin Series

"Do you love books filled with mystery, problem solving and ones that keep you guessing? Well, then “The Twelfth Coin: Finders” is the perfect book for you. This book is filled with amazing moments both heartfelt and suspenseful. As a huge reader, I like to be drawn into the story I am reading and this book did just that! I loved the way the author, Kimberly Erjavac, brought the characters to life. Since this book involves time traveling, the author did a great job describing the different time periods, too. I really felt like I was traveling right along beside them!" 

-Sydney Grace Culwell

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The Last Chapter

Liberty Penny

How much is a penny really worth?  What if it gives you the power to time travel?  What if together, twelve special pennies could change the world?  Would that make the pennies worth dying for?

It would if your dad and his friend were kidnapped because of them. 

Join Carly, Ben, Zack and Kevin as they face the mystery of the twelve coins and risk their lives to rescue their fathers. 


Carly hasn't been the same since her mom died a year ago.  With pressure from her father to re-connect with her old friends she decides to return to her favorite sport of gymnastics.  This helps her tune out her worries and irritations including her brother's best friend Zack Marshall.  When her father is mysteriously abducted her fierce determination surfaces, which she uses to try to find her father and his friend.  


Ben had a great life before his mom died.  He was happy with track, playing guitar and spending time with his beautiful girlfriend. After watching his sick mother die life will never be the same and he is angry about it.  He is protective of his sister Carly and hates that she is suffering too.  Now he has more to be angry about.  Their parents have betrayed them with their secret and he resents being left to pick up the pieces.   


Zack is a school baseball star.  Good looks are one of his gifts however school work is not.  His little brother inherited the intellectual family genes.  Zack loves to play video games with his best friend Ben.  Unfortunately Ben's sister Carly really irritates him.  This irritation escalates as they must work together to rescue their respective fathers.   This mission forces him to think beyond himself and finds that he is capable of more than he expected. 


Kevin is Zack's genius little brother, literally.  He is the youngest student to win the statewide computer science contest.  He doesn't brag about his genius, in fact he just wants to be a normal kid that gets to hang out with his older brother.  Unfortunately, his brother Zack doesn't want him around. Well, until his genius is needed to help find their father.  Kevin rises to the occasion. 

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Losers Weepers




“The Twelfth Coin: Finders” is a book based on the events that began because of a 1943 copper penny called The Lincoln coin. Bill Marshall and Sam Romano are both fathers, who have been best friends since childhood. The two men have shared possession of The Lincoln coin, since they were sixteen years old. They had The Lincoln coin with them, until their shocking kidnapping the night they were supposed to take a trip with their two families for Spring Break. Luckily, Sam’s daughter, Carly, saw them being kidnapped. Carly, with the help of her brother, Ben, and Bill’s two sons, Zack and Kevin, set out to find out why their dads were kidnapped. When the four children are outside trying to figure out what happened, The Lincoln coin suddenly rolls up to their feet! One touch of the coin and they knew they were not in California or in the present day anymore!  

This book centers around the four children: Carly and Ben Romano and Zack and Kevin Marshall. Carly Romano is the only girl in the group. She can be a little emotional and bossy at times, but she is always there when she is needed. Ben Romano is Carly’s older brother. He is very protective of Carly and her feelings. After the loss of their mother and the kidnapping of their father, Ben has had to take charge and look out for Carly, too. Zack Marshall is the older of the two Marshall boys. He is a bit misunderstood and very forgetful. Kevin Marshall is the youngest of the group, but is probably smarter than all of them. He has won many competitions in science and is great at coding and programming, which comes in handy when he has to program a time machine.

My favorite character in this book would have to be Ben Romano. Ben always stands up for his little sister, Carly. He looks out for her and protects her, which is such a great quality for a brother to have. Ben will do whatever it takes to keep Carly safe from harm no matter what.

I would definitely give “The Twelfth Coin: Finders” a 5-Star rating and recommend it to anyone in the sixth grade or above. I love how the story centers around the bond between the four children of Bill Marshall and Sam Romano. Their bond has grown even stronger, since the death of Carly’s and Ben’s mother. What would the potential loss of their fathers do to that bond? Will they be able to find their dads before it is too late? Read this incredible book to find out! You will be glad you did! -Sidney Grace Culwell

"As a teacher , I love young adult literature . This would be a fun book to do in class. Great mix of geography, history, and action packed fantasy. Love the relatable characters! The book kept my interest from the first page. So much you could do with this book while incorporating curriculum . Would hold interest for grades 4-12." -Amy B.

"This is a wonderful, new book from first-time author, Kimberly Erjavac. It is smart, imaginative, and well-researched, with an exciting, easy to follow story. The characters are well-drawn and relatable, with each possessing a unique voice, gift or skill that they use -- working together -- to overcome the various challenges associated with time travel. I thought the book had a great balance of humor and drama. Parents and teachers will also appreciate this book as a learning tool, since it offers lessons in physics, history and geography in a fun and adventurous way.   Ms. Ervajac is a welcome, new voice in the YA genre. I am looking forward to seeing how the story and characters develop in upcoming installments of this thrilling, new franchise." -Anonymous

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