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Kimberly Erjavac

About the author
Kimberly Erjavac

With the flu, bedtime came early. That's when the feverish dream began.  Three teens-two boys and a girl- were walking down an alley alongside a younger boy on a bike.  Just ahead of them, a small spot on the ground began to glow.  Suddenly a bright light flooded the area, and colored beams shot out in every direction.  While shafts of light crisscrossed through the air, a blue beam held steady in front of one of the boys.   Mesmerized by the light, he watched as mathematical equations formed above the beam and floated toward him.   As if in a trance he nodded, repeating the only word that he could force from his lips, "Yes."  Suddenly the lights were gone. They rushed to the spot to see what appeared to be an ordinary penny.  The dream ended, but the vivid images replayed throughout the night.  

The following morning Kimberly Erjavac became a writer.


The Twelfth Coin is Kimberly's first series of novels.  Born in Detroit and raised in Ecorse and Woodhaven, Michigan, she now resides in Los Angeles.

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